Mallow Therapy Centre was first established in October 2010 by Bill Murphy and Jacqueline Jefferies. We were a husband and wife team with a single focus and direction for our business - to help our clients, offering the highest standards of counselling and clinical hypnotherapy, in a professional and confidentional setting, treating all with dignity and respect. It is with great sadness that Bill passed away on 3rd January 2014. He fought very bravely with an incurable cancer diagnosed in December 2012.
Despite his illness and treatment, Bill continued to work with clients, until his illness prevented him working any longer, in September 2013, when we made the decision to close the centre. His determination to continue to work with his clients, despite his own suffering, will always be remembered. Bill showed all who knew him, how to live and how to die, with dignity and respect.

So our vision, when we opened Mallow Therapy Centre together, will remain, as Bills legacy, to all clients - Dignity and Respect and Compassion.

Mallow Therapy Centre reopened in September 2014 and will continue to offer a professional service to its clients with this vision at the core of all therapy.

Bill, sadly missed, fondly remembered by everyone whose life he touched.